Halloween or Hallow’s eve for the history buffs, is a time to ward off any supernatural entities by disguising yourselves as one.

Mintel gathered that Britons spend up to 320 million on Halloween products and it’s only increasing every year. Now, that’s spooky. 

The chill and fright of Halloween night can scare the pockets, from the costs of masks and outfits, to all of that candy at the door, which can  lead your account to saying more than just BOO!!

Savings are essential for any rainy day, but have you ever thought about boosting your savings? 

Gold and Halloween are both age-old traditions which support and entice people in times of worry. This golden pumpkin will not have you tricked this month, as now is the time to be protected by a precious metal!    

Pettinger, from Economic Help, states that during times of financial uncertainty, economic recession and high inflation; Gold is considered as a safe investment due to it’s stability in the market and valuable uses.  

With Gift buying around the corner and financial uncertainty still floating around, setting a small amount aside in Gold may help you to ward off some of those unexpected bills.

Purchasing a shiny gold bar may not scare the neighbours children but you will gain something longer lasting, alongside a helping hand with your savings, you will be treated with care and loyalty when shopping at Hallmark Investments.

by Ivania Macivan-Davies, 28th October 2021