Who are hallmark investments ?

Just as with the hallmarking of precious metals to certify their standard of purity, Hallmark Investments signifies the utmost in quality, and was founded because clients needed a transparent way to buy and sell precious metals, all with clear and honest pricing.

Build a beautiful portfolio of gold, silver, platinum & palladium from leading LBMA-approved refineries and the world’s most established mints, along with support from industry experts at your disposal.

Hallmark Investments brings physical gold investments into the 21st century, encouraging a fairer and more accessible market.

Customers are empowered to make investment savvy decisions through an app that brings together access to gold-related news, price charts and trade recommendations

Our website allows users to track the state of the market, access gold-related news and interactive price charts to make better timed buying and selling decisions.

Experience this alongside first class customer service and free fully insured delivery on all orders.”

Definition of Hallmark...


New to buying gold?

We realise that everyone has individual needs, so our approach to your investment is always individual and based on your personal objectives.

Hallmark Investments have developed a range of products to help assist, such as investment starter packs, allocation of gold to pension, tax-free gold, VAT-Free Silver and gold monthly saving programmes.

Gold and other precious metals have always been synonymous with wealth and economic security, being traded as money for at least 5,000 years.

They are the only globally recognized monies that cannot be created or printed out of thin air or manipulated by central banks and governments.

Because of this, no other form of money or currency has outlasted precious metals as a store of value over time.

Owning gold bullion could prove extremely lucrative in periods of economic uncertainty. In recent years traditional banking has faced skepticism of the system and the way their money is handled. People are increasingly concerned about holding deposits with their banks and so are turning to liquid assets.

Precious metals are rare; that’s what makes them precious and demand will only continue to increase.

Whether you are considering your very first gold investment or are a long-standing investor, Hallmark Investments are on hand to provide information and advice necessary to ensure you’re making the right purchase to suit your budget and portfolio.


Clients often ask "how much should I buy?" or "is there any limit to how much I can buy?" and the answers to these questions can be discovered the more you speak with us.

You should buy as much as you are comfortable with. Precious metals are not the only investment you should hold but it is generally thought that you should have a place in your investment portfolio for physical precious metals. The value will be in your hands, to do with when and whatever you wish. You can sell a little bit at a time, sell everything in one go or pass it on to your nearest and dearest.

There are no limits on how much you can spend, whether in one transaction or in several. Whether you are a one coin at a time collector or a larger individual or corporate investor then we have the right product and pricing structure for you.

We sell VAT free products and also products like Sovereigns and Britannia coins which are also capital gains tax free.

Although we cannot give you investment advice we can recommend a range of suitable products for you to make an informed choice from.


We hope you enjoy browsing our precious metals website and that your investment in Gold and Silver coins and bullion gives you the pleasure that it has given us in fulfilling your purchase.

There is something very special about gold and silver coins and bullion products. When you hold bullion in your hand it reveals the density and warmth of previous generations which have held and treasured them in the same way.

You can physically feel the difference between the precious metals held tightly in your hand in comparison to the paper that the printing press is so fond of producing.