Storage / Delivery

As you embark on your exciting journey to buy and own precious metal, you have the choice of either discrete, insured delivery to your door, or fully allocated storage in our specialist vaults.

If you wish to receive your gold and silver directly, we offer a secure, free and fully insured delivery service on all orders with tracking so you can follow your order every step of the way. 

All bullion is well packaged, unmarked and and delivered to your door directly.

If you prefer the peace of mind of keeping valuable assets in secure storage then you have the option of our fully allocated storage solution, providing access to the very best global high security vaults, usually only available to high value organisations.

These include Brinks, Loomis , Via Mat & G4S

Individually segregated and fully allocated

Independently audited by Grant Thornton

Allows holding of assets outside of the financial banking system, reducing exposure

The flexibility to sell to us or request physical delivery at any time

Secure Storage

Our Secure Storage system allows you to possess fully allocated precious metal that is your legal property rather than 'unallocated', 'physically backed' or 'paper Gold' products linked to the price of Gold.

Why Own Gold

Storing your precious metals with Hallmark Investments has a huge advantage over the use of bank safe deposit boxes and personal storage facilities with which your assets are generally not insured.

Customers can significantly reduce the costs once the increased insurance premiums and the additional installation of further security measures are taken into consideration.

Your assets can be securely stored and fully insured with our charges starting from as little as £10 per month including VAT

Achieve up to date information at your fingertips regarding the value of your assets. See exactly which assets you own, where they are and what they are worth. Every item within your Storage Account displays a Live, Real-Time value based on the constantly updating Spot Price

Customers can request physical delivery from storage any time. Delivery charges will apply. Click here to find out more.

*If you are selling your bullion back to us, funds will be paid by bank transfer into your linked account, set up when you opened your account. Physical delivery can also be requested at any point, simply call us during office hours to organise*


There is no maximum limit to the value that you can store with this service, however customers should be aware that this solution is unlikely to be cost effective for the storage of Silver and most smaller individual Gold items. We therefore restrict selection of the storage option to Gold items with an individual purchase value in excess of £180. Gift and Jewellery items are also excluded from our Storage Option.