How To Buy

Our intuitive and easy to use website makes buying Gold and Silver as easy as buying any other product online. We really understand how big of a step this can be, so whatever your motivation is, whether to begin, diversify or build your very own investments, buy a treasured gift to pass on to future generations or an alternative method of saving for your retirement, we have the right products for you. Have a browse around our website, view all the products and simply let us know should you need any help.

Buying gold or silver is simple and secure. Follow these five easy steps to place your order today.

Step 1

Register your account

Start by clicking on the Register icon at the top of any page and fill in the few details we need to open an account. It only takes a few minutes and you only need to enter these details once.

Step 2

Find your products

Once your account is set up you can use the search bar at the top of the page, or navigate to the products you want using our menus.

Step 3

Add to basket

Once you have found the perfect products, you can select the amount you'd like to purchase. You can update this quantity on the product page or in the basket. Bear in mind that all products on our website are linked to the current price of the precious metal, and can change even whilst in the basket.

Step 4

Choose delivery or storage

You can choose to have your goods delivered straight to you or you can choose to have your purchase placed into secure storage. For more details, please see our FAQ section on STORAGE & DELIVERY.

Step 5

Secure check out

You can choose to pay for your goods easily using credit or debit card or via bank transfer. For more details on our payment options please see our FAQ section on PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Your items will then be ready to be shipped. You will be notified in advance of your delivery date. Alternatively, if you choose one of the many secure storage options you will be notified when the delivery and allocation has taken place.

Knowledgeable, friendly professionals… real people, here in the UK. We are happy to talk about gold coins, the prices, what to look for with no pressure at all. Call us for a chat now on ####

If you wish, your Gold Specialist can help you create a personalised portfolio tailored to your financial position. Many collectors start with just a few coins or small bars and then build their collection over time. And not just gold, either… there are silver, platinum and palladium options you can discuss.