The road to Financial Simplicity

The resurgence of minimalism began in late 2017 when many new articles began encouraging people to reduce the unnecessary, and let their homes breathe. 

The purpose of minimalism was to declutter and reorganise the mind in a similar way to Feng Shui. This movement inspired a new beginning into homes and life itself. Minimalism has presented itself in many new formats since its inception in the late 1950s. 

Many would call what was once old, new again; particularly when picking out vintage china patterns or angora fur rugs for home decor. The pursuit to turn the once complicated into simple is gaining popularity, but can this be applied to your finances? 

Savings have become somewhat of a lifestyle habit. One which many financial institutions encourage, but one which is rarely followed through.

The everyday-man, depending on their economic background, may see savings as a benefit whereas others may see it as a loss rather than a gain. Yet, what if there was a more effective way to save?

Something minimal, something old but new, and something that has found an awakening through the media? 

Have you figured it out yet?  Is it on the tip of  your teeth or dangling on your necklace? Well if you haven’t guessed… It's Gold!

It even has a silver lining too. 

For example, take our 1 gram Gold bar. What could be more simple than a bar of gold, ethically sourced from accredited providers, which goes up in value all by itself - easy.

Saving in precious metals is considered the most fruitful and ethical investment in this current climate and according to Bianca Barratt from euronews, sustainable gold can be ethical, eco-friendly and recycled.

Removing yourself from what once complex to simple is the most freeing experience a human can offer themselves. 

Savings are not for instant gratification but for future possibilities. Many of our experiences on this earth are either free, profitable or taxing on the wallet. Creating financial freedom through precious metals will most likely be the most minimalistic venture you embark on.  

by Ivania Macivan-Davies